I said I miss him but he didn’t say it back

C – I am on vacation and I ended our FB msg by saying I miss him since he’s been saying he misses me the last two days and he didn’t say “I miss you too”.
T1 – hmm he knows I’m on vacation and he doesn’t want to continue the convo plus he’s prob busy working.
T2 – he thinks I don’t miss him since I’m on vacation with my friends.
F1 – he’s trying to be considerate so I don’t refocus my energy on him. That’s sweet and thoughtful of him.
F2 – feeling annoyed bec he doesn’t trust what I tell him and he tends to think negative right away sometimes.
A1 – go back to focusing on my friends and just chat with him when I get back.
A2 – I’ll be asking him “why didn’t you say I miss you too” and then end up expecting some sort of specific answer from him or else I’ll get mad.
R1 – no drama created, I just continued the day focusing on my last day of vacation with my friends and to make the most out of it.
R2 – I’d prob be annoyed the rest of the day at him thinking the worst again, why can’t he think more positive? Would be just caused both of us to be annoyed and more distant.