I set myself up for failure

I recently started a new job, which may be the cause of a recent bout of anxiety and putting myself into a spin of negative thoughts. My new job comes with some challenges, but it’s basically a re-hash of what I’ve done for almost 30 years. And I don’t love it. I think back to my college years and wish I hadn’t studied business. Instead of majoring in something I was interested in, I did what my parents prompted me to. I think back to all the years since then, and wish I had been more resourceful or courageous to set myself on a path that would land a job much different (and much higher paying) than I have now. I am 52. My family depends on my current income. I feel completely stuck and like I failed at setting myself up. When I try to self-coach this, I get:
C– New job.
T–I set myself up for failure.
A–Get stuck in negative thought loop about my past and opportunities I did not pursue
R–Life path doesn’t change.
I am asking for help getting an intentional model started OR just advice on getting out of this funk. THANK YOU.