I should have known better

Hi, how do you recommend approaching “I should have known better”?

In specific:
C: Discomfort in the intestine, did not go to the toilet regularly in the past 2 days, lower than average hunger signals before dinner, usual hunger during dinner
T: Normally my body would require xxx for fuel given what I did today (I don’t want to miss out on food reward)
F: Entitled
A: Eat the same amount as other days I would have
R: Overfull, the next morning I wake up fatter and bloated

C: Overfull
T: I should have known better: it happened many times in the past already, I wrote many models around it
F: Angry
A: Beat me up
R: I could use my brain better (for me and not against me)

Also, I am criticizing myself for not being willing to give up on the reward coming from food and preferring it to my well-being. I’d be grateful to receive your support around this. Thanks.