"I should" when I feel good

I’ve been wanting to quit my job for many years, and I’ve had some really hard times with it in the past.

For the past few months, I’ve worked on feeling good during work and really liking every task I do, etc.

I’m feeling great about my job and my tasks and everything most of the time now, yay!

And this sometimes turns into shoulding, like:
C: Enjoying my work
T: If I like my job, I should stay
F: Pressured
A: I try to think reasons not to stay, I try to justify still wanting to leave my job to myself, I look at the pros/cons of staying, I look at the pros/cons of leaving, I get annoyed about my work and I like it less
R: ? I spend my time thinking about this instead of thinking about what I want

What do you think of my R line?

I’m not sure where to go from here. What would you suggest?