I Spoke My Truth And Was Rejected-MJM

I have an older sister who I love, but prefer not to hang out with. We never really hung out much, due various issues. I had therapy as a child because of this sister.

I’m older and wiser now, thank God. I’m able to ignore the snide comments and barbs, and find them laughable now. Then she decided to move here. I’ve written about this before.

She asked me the other day why I’ve been avoiding her. I finally told the truth, but made it all about me, with no attack on her whatsoever. I told her I love her. She turned on me on a dime and accused me of blaming her for something I didn’t, she told me she wouldn’t debate with me (I have no interest in debating my feelings)

My question is: is it ok to feel so free about this issue? I was all balled up when she was moving here, then after she got here. I told the truth and I feel great. The other siblings aren’t on board with this, even though they feel the same, and they keep asking me if ill go see her. I don’t want to. I feel good about this.

I said when I turned 50 I was gonna live for me and stop people pleasing . This is huge for me. I guess I answered my own question, now that I see it.

Mary Jo