I Think Employee is Scamming

I have an employee who has been with me for almost one month. She initially showed promise. A few times she was late due to kid things and I was patient but told her this can’t be a thing. On Tuesday afternoon she started coughing really badly and I told her she needed to get that looked it. Yesterday I received a text from her phone stating it was her husband and that they wouldn’t let him see her or have her phone and he’d update me. At 2:30 pm I hadn’t heard so I texted her and she said she was at the pharmacy because they gave her an otc decongestant. I asked her what her discharge instructions were. She said she didn’t have any nor did she have a note. I asked her if they swabbed for flu or strep. She didn’t answer. This is when I started to think she’s lying. ER and Urgent Care always give instructions and work notes. I texted her again at 7:30 because she never responded to my request for the note and to tell me when she’s cleared. I also reminded her that I can’t allow her back in the building until I have a note. Another strange story came from her and I’ve decided that I’m not that invested in her and it’s easier to release her because it’s not even 30 days.
I’d like to keep this drama free and I’ve done models. Through doing this work I’ve been unraveling my desire to try to figure out why people do what they do. They just do stuff. Period. I know I don’t have concrete proof of my assumption but sometimes you just “know what you know” and I’ve been at this a long time. Am I too judgmental?

C Michelle said the urgent care gave her no instructions
T She’s lying
F Furious
A Make mental checklist of reasons I know she’s lying, tell my asst manager about it, try to figure out why a person would do that in this crazy time in history, tell my husband about it
R Build my case about how she’s lying

C Michelle said the urgent care gave her no instructions
T I have decided I can dismiss her with no drama about
F Confident
A Decide whether to dismiss via email or in person, honor the plan, don’t discuss the plan with anyone else,
R I dismiss her with no drama