I Think I Answered My Own question Re: Desire And Want

Did more models just on my models about my models, otherwise a running theme in a lot of my scholars work.
UM/ C: my life.
T: it’s wrong to desire.
F: shame.
A: can’t ask for what I want; don’t take actions that will get me what I want; take existing good things for granted.
R: still want what I want, if not more intensely, with more negative feelings attached.

IM/ C: my life.
T: my desires take me in the direction of my best self.
F: appreciation.
A: be more attentive to good things I already have in my life; unapologetically enjoy taking action that will get me closer to things I want but don’t yet have.
R: a much more rewarding life, now and moving forward. //////

I think I have cracked the mystery of wanting from a place of abundance. I really want to find the thoughts to practice that will train my brain that I’m allowed to want and go for what I want. Am I getting closer? I can almost believe this new intentional thought. It is how I can logically explain all the good things I have already in my life. Anything else?? Thank you.