I think I don’t have money but I really do (Sort of)

I’m realizing a lot of my thoughts, feelings, actions are coming from a place of scarcity. I realized that I keep checking my PayPal for my clients to pay me. I keep thinking that my clients are going to back out or cancel contracts. It’s like I’m waiting to be struggling or expecting it in my brain. But for the first time, I have a savings account of $1000 in it. I’m paying all of my bills on time. I just paid off one of my credit cards.

Sure, I’m not in a ton of abundance but if something I needed something or if my car broke down or if one of my few clients canceled, I would be okay. But I’m trying to figure out why I think and feel like I don’t have money when in reality, I do have SOME money.

How can I integrate this and just see the circumstance that I do have some money in my account?