I think I might be lazy and lack discipline but tell myself a different story

Hello amazing team,
I have been thinking a lot about Monday Hour One. I’ve had some great 1:1 coaching on it.
Last night I had a realisation that I think I’m lazier than I thought. It was quite funny, I thought, “oh, I think I’m a bit lazy”. My feeling was excitement (ok, shock first, because obviously I think I’m perfect ;-)) because I realise I’m on to myself. And that’s a great thing. I’m going to work through why I thought that and what it means going forward and my question is this,
How do I not beat myself up with this thought? At the moment I feel fine about it, joyous even, because now I’ve recognised it, I can address it. But by the end of the day I might not be so kind to myself and mutter irritatedly, “And you’re so lazy…..”
Thanks so much.