I think my brain is looking for excuses to feel poorly…

I started out writing my question because I noticed I’ve been feeling secretly upset with myself that my coaching clients (in a group program) are all KILLING IT right now, make money left and right, feeling their feelings, doing hard things, slaying their dragons, taking massive action, meeting their goals … and I am secretly struggling.

So, 1 – I am using my clients success to beat myself up (why can’t I do what they are doing?), even though I could just as easily have a thought about that that makes me feel amazing as a coach. How strange!

and, 2. I am struggling is a thought.

So while I do have thoughts that my business is growing, my coaching is on fire, my clients are killing it….

the kicker thought is “It is not enough because I have bootstrapped this growth with $25K of credit card debt.”

C: business
T: Whatever I’m currently making is not enough because I have bootstrapped this growth with $25K of credit card debt.
F: ashamed
A: look for reasons to be ashamed
pull back on marketing, more growth because I have this thought that it’s not good to be enough anyway and HAD the thought that my clients success brings me down (Oh my GAWD, I hate writing that aloud!)
R: what ever I make won’t be enough

C: $25K credit card
T: My future self tells me that is such a small investment for the return and value we’re going to continue to create
F: a little better
A: look for the next offers to make, next massive action steps I had planned
R: continue to create value for clients and self

Any thoughts/insights you have would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Brooke! XO