I think this is self responsibility

Hi Coaches!! I recently have had a weird experience. I’m leaving my job and I had the exit interview today. I invited my boss to expand on a point about me to do with the timing of when I resigned. He was very frank and told me that I was inconsiderate and that I should’ve pushed out the start time with the other company, that is a very common thing to ask for a longer start date and they would’ve understood. (I only gave the required time – 4 weeks). “You say your colleagues are your friends and yet you really dumped us in it, Susan is nearly having a nervous break down and Mel, who is amazing, is shouldering a huge workload now.”

I feel completely neutral about it. My fear before resigning was that he and my colleagues would hate me. My unintentional thoughts going into resigning is that “I’m totally dumping them in the shit,” “they’re going to be fucked without me.” I worked thru these models with a few coaches. I toggled so much around my ending date and decided on ending earlier because I didn’t want to miss my son’s 5th birthday. I’m still happy with my decision of when to resign.

One of my thoughts after the exit interview is: if you’re running a business where someone resigning pushes the staff over the edge and adds so much distress to their already full work loads – you’re managing it badly. I just listened to a call where Brooke was saying, “if there’s need for a hero in your business, you’re doing it wrong. Plan for a boring business.”

I’m feeling really calm and neutral. This is different for me. Usually it would be all drama. How do I tell the difference between this feeling being a numbness/emptiness because I’m resisting feeling upset about it and self responsibility of not picking up his model and flogging myself with it, just allowing him to have his opinion?