i thought i had actions vs. results all figured out until reading a response to a previous question

So I thought I had actions vs. results totally figured out for our 25 fails. we want to do a massive action that brings about a result that gets us closer to our impossible goal. we do not want just activities that we can either do or not do. BUT then, in a previous question about weight loss, the asker asked if these were worthy fails ::
“X number of workouts completed
X number of days eating on protocol
X number of new recipes cooked
X number of days when I stop eating at 8 pm
To learn a basic weight-lifting routine and complete it X times”

and the responder said yes just figure out what the X means. What? to me these look like activities – you either do the workout or you don’t. The result is just you worked out or you didn’t. Can you help me understand how this is a worthy fail, meaning it is attached to a result?