I turned THEM down

Hi Brooke,

It’s crazy to say everything that’s happened to me this month. I just cannot believe it. When I first joined, I was feeling burnt out (something I worked hard on today with the podcast!) and apathetic (sidebar, isn’t it crazy how burnout oftentimes causes us to give up? It was a big pattern that I realized today) and you, missy, gave me the swift kick in the pants that I definitely needed. After months of getting rejections and turned down for interviews, I was given one interview for another online high school. That one interview caused a bidding war between my current online school and the one trying to hire me.

For the first time in my life, I looked at a job offer and said “no thanks, I’m not that interested.” WHAT?! In the end, I stuck with my current online school. It was the absolute best scenario and looking back I remember what you had said to me in that first Q&A “The school board isn’t disrespecting you, you are.” You were right, of course. It wasn’t until I started to respect myself as an educator, as a woman, as a human being, that others started to see the same thing. This has caused so many amazing things to happen! I have so many huge plans for myself, and I know that when I make them from a place of abundance and joy, and put in the work, I can achieve all of them.

I know my problems will be forever, that new ones will keep surfacing, but in a weird way that’s kind of fun! I would not be here typing this if it wasn’t for my dark times. So thank you. I can’t wait to share my future struggles, and the joys that come about from them, with you down the road.