I understand that anxiety is a feeling and part of life.

I understand that anxiety is a feeling and part of life. From listening to Brooke, I know it is a thought that isn’t going to kill me, I know that 50% of life will be good and same for bad. What I don’t know is how to stop worrying about having an anxiety/panic attack. I am a very well rounded, well liked, accomplished person. I like my self! Except that I find I am crippled by this fear of having an attack and have been for the over 30 years. Traveling , going to restaurants, theaters is especially hard for me. I make myself go and I have anticipatory anxiety, but enjoy myself, which makes me mad at myself for wasting the time and effort on anticipating something that isn’t happening. I haven’t had a full on panic attack in a long time. It’s the nagging worry that I will that is causing me the angst. I have gone from being agoraphobic 30 years ago to now, I can fly without Xanax, I pick and choose what I will or won’t do on a trip based on my anxiety level, I am missing out on a lot of things, because of this. I know a lot of people haven’t done nearly what I have in my life, but I want to do the most I can in the time I have left. I am sure this course is what I need to step over the rope and let it go. At 69 I want to be free!I do yoga, meditation every night, I do breathing, it has all helped but it isn’t gone, yes, I can live with it, yes I can except it, but it would sure be nice to not have it. Is this asking to much, should I just be all that I am and not want more? Listening to Brooke makes me think I need to kick this to the curb like I did my rotten husband. Any help would be greatly appreciated.