I Used to Be A Husband Pleaser. Now What?

Hi Brooke,

I am a novelist and for the past two years I have been searching for new ideas to write my next novel. My husband whose job is criminal defense got really attached to one prisoner he dealt with and a year ago suggested that I will write my novel with the premise of this prisoner’s story (with permission).
I’ve had few conversations with this prisoner, visited that prison and read about that period and nothing really stuck with me. Recently I thought I was never drawn to tell a prisoner’s story and this prisoner’s story doesn’t interest me. Then why should I keep devoting brain juice to it. Why not just throw it and rethink my next story – the one I really want to tell?
Strangely I find myself pausing before I throw the towel because I remember how you mention that your coaching students want to change their niche all the time and you don’t allow them to do that.

How will I know if it’s the right thing to do – to drop an idea I am not passionate about or pursue it and do it just for the sake of completion?