I want him to come home

My husband is in Zimbabwe and I’m in Canada and I want him to come home. I think he should be home because I think life is better when we are together. But this thought is causing me to constantly try and convince him that he is wrong for choosing to stay there. I justify my actions as educating him. If he could just see things the way I do, he would obviously want to come back to Canada as soon as possible.

I am very attached to the thought that I want us to be together and that life is better when we are. I am struggling to find alternative thoughts.

I don’t want to give up the idea because doing so makes me feel defeated.
So I keep putting pressure on him and educating him in the hope that he will change his mind.
He does not appreciate this and would like me to support our original dream which I have bailed on.

I am trying to practice unconditional love no matter the distance between us,
I think: I can love him no matter how far apart we are, but I have this nagging thought that he really should choose me and our family over his personal dream.

I don’t want to support him because I think it’s in direct conflict with me getting what I want.

How can I support him and still honor my want for us to be together and my disappointment that we aren’t?