I want it all

For the longest time I thought it will be better when I quit my job because then I would be able to do all the things I want to do. Right now I work 45-47 hours a week. And in my free time I sleep, watch tv, do peer coaching, sometimes make a post for my social media, record a podcast once a week, look after my toddler once a week, I don’t make offers because I think what is the point as there is no time. I want to do the following
⁃ do 30 minutes yoga daily
⁃ oil my hair every 3 rd day for 30 minutes
⁃ Read a book for 30 minutes
⁃ Spend an hour creating a 3-5 minute teaching video for my audience
⁃ Create an educational reel daily
⁃ Self coach for 30-60 minutes
⁃ Make offers to coach people
⁃ Spend 1 hour playing with my kid
⁃ Spend an hour watching tv with my husband
⁃ Have 2 meals with my family
⁃ Cook sometimes
⁃ Go for a walk daily
⁃ Go to a yoga class twice or thrice a week

I am not able to do any of these now and I think if I quit my job I can do it all. I think it is better there. But I want to think this is better. I am working on believing my current c is the best c I have. How can I sit in that belief while getting everything done?