I want this C to make me stronger

These weeks I have of lot of things going on for me : ivf + lot of work in different and important projects + weight lost protocol.

I want to think that it is going to make me stronger, and that I am going to be proud of myself. But instead I find myself very often indulging a little in self pity and overwhelm.

My model is.
C – this weeks
T – I have too much going on
F. – Overwhelmed
A – Buffer, plan and replan, indulge, overthink, ruminate
R – I don’t own my days

Intentional :
C – this weeks
T – this will make me stronger
F – empowered
A – do one thing at the time, respect calendar, follow protocols
R – I am taking care of it.

Somehow I feel stressed and anxious on my IM too, cause my mind goes to “this will make me stronger (because it is a lot to handle)”.
Can you help me with this situation ?
Many thanks coaches!