I want this so badly

Hi Brooke….
The more I listen to your podcast, do the monthly work, gain insight after insight, the more I want to be that person that you are describing in all of your work. I do all of it 5 am when there is zero interruptions, notifications, doorbell ringing, children calling etc so it sinks in and washes over me.

I now COMPLETELY understand viscerally that our thoughts create what we are feeling and that is the most powerful, amazing, experience ever. With that said, I do bump up against fear / frustration / etc all of the time because I am most certainly not afraid to scare the hell out of myself 😉 and I do not blame my circumstances for it BUT I do get stuck physically in the world when I am experiencing the latter emotions. Not indulging per se but I am frozen in a pause. I am able to get myself to neutral but it stops there. (that thought is frustrating me already hahaha)
What does it mean “use courage to move through fear” what is courage exactly?? I act but the activities and results are useless, unsuccessful, and a waste of time when I am in the state of frustration and fear.

What does it mean to “open up to the fear”? when I did, I indulged. I hated it.

Now that you inspired me to dream big again (never had a problem with that) and go for it (I always stopped because I did not know how to manage the emotions I was bumping up against), I’d love to viscerally understand what it means to open up to the fear and use courage. Fear is paralyzing, blinding, and in my previous experience, didn’t give me the insight to do the effective actions needed to move me forward towards what I want.

Want to be this powerful person, steering my thoughts, so badly. Thanks in advance for your response.