I want to be a C+ employee

I work FT and I am getting certified/starting a coaching business. In 18 to 24 months, I want to just be coaching.

I value my job. It’s a good job, for me, right now. I do not want to promote. I can use about 70% of my capacity and do C+ work. No one expects more than that of me, and there’s no upside to excelling and being an A+ employee. I like my reasons, it all makes sense to me. The 30% not used for work is being used on me, on my coaching and on my business. I show up for people at work; I show up for teams; I show up for the people we serve. I could do more, but I don’t choose to. I wonder if I’m missing something “moral” or… if I’m kidding myself, and I should expect something better of myself at work.

C: I have a FT job and a side hustle
T: It’s bad that I want to be a C+ employee
F: anxious
A: i wait for trouble; my berate myself a bit; I do B- or B level work rather than what I want (C+ level); I think more about work and this issue than I want to; I go back and forth about what’s “right”
R: I show up more like a B level employee,, so I show up as less than an A for my side hustle.

C: I have a FT job and side hustle
T: I think it might be acceptable to be a C+ employee.
F: determined. (Could have gone with willing, or accepting or…)
A: I manage my thinking when I do more than C+ work and adjust; I watch for any sings that my C+ work is an issue for anyone, or if anyone even notices; I spend more time on my side hustle, with less “guilt”; I practice being an emerging entrepreneur; I practice changing the belief that I need to excel at my FT job.
R: I allow myself to be a C+ employee and an “A” side hustler.

Doing this work made me wonder: why do I think I can’t be an A at both? Maybe I could, if I looked hard at my definition of what “A” looked like in both cases. Hmm…… LOL:

C: I have a FT job and side hustle
T: C+ is the new A when it comes to my FT job.
F: excited!
A: i learn how to be an excellent C+ employee: just floating barely above average; I put my energy into my side hustle; i let go of my old identity on the job and step into my future, coach self
R: I’m an A at my FT job and an A at my side hustle!

am I foolin’ myself?