I want to change my husband’s behaviour

The truth is I want to change my husband’s behavior.
I know this is not something I can do.
I have 2 businesses. One is a property business and one is a gym.
I am very successful and good at what I do.
But every time I buy a new property (or a business), he criticizes the deal, and me and how I am going about the purchase.
And he makes it really personal.
For example; My son and I found a section beside the beach that we decided we could buy and build on (my son and I work together on these projects). I asked my husband if he would like to be involved. He said no, he was unable to financially be involved in this purchase at this time (he has his own successful business).

My son and I went ahead and bought and built a house that we could afford. it increased the value of the section. We made $65,000 in 6 months. The reason my husband got upset about this deal was that he suggested we build a multi-storyed, very expensive house, on the site and I didn’t do what he suggested. He is still sulky if this deal is mentioned.

Now I have another section and my son and I are trying to purchase, and my husband is upset because I didn’t tell him about the deal the minute I found it (it was 2 days later) and I didn’t ask him if he wanted to be involved (even though he had told me multiple times that he is unable to invest with me at this time).
There always seems to be some reason. Occasionally he just tells me it is a stupid purchase when I invest in something.
When we first met he used to say my business was not a real business. Now it is worth about $10 million and growing.
But I am getting to the point that I dread telling him if I am buying something new, because he is so critical.
He is a bit “old-school” and thinks women should be at home and men make the money (we are both about 60).
Apart from this, our relationship is good.
How do I think differently and change this wish to change him?