I want to do it all!

I’ve been in Scholars since September and I love it. Self Care is my focus in 2018 – so far so good. I’ve stopped over drinking & over eating. I am acutely aware of my thoughts and am able to change them if necessary to create a positive outcome and I am basically a happy camper! I decided to quit my job (managed a high school store for the last 8 years) because as I successfully grew the store, I ended up working in the back office on the computer and not spending time with people. I also want a change as I am now an empty nester and ready to hone in on my dreams and do what I love to do: be creative, spend time with people I like/love, give back/inspire others like myself. Oh yeah – I need to make money too – minor detail right? As I’m phasing out of my job at the high school, I’ve started helping a friend stage & decorate homes which I really enjoy and it pays well. I know I’m moving in the right direction and my options are endless. I want to produce a podcast about empty nesting, start a blog, find my voice, continue embellishing candles (I have a website & sell to local stores) , craft, manage my business on social media, volunteer, stage homes, decorate, THE LIST GOES ON! And I want to do it all. HELP! I listen to countless self help & business webinars. I do not want to “half ass” any of my goals/dreams but I can’t seem to figure out where to start.