I want to get to my goal weight before vacation

I have done some amazing thought work and have been able to get SO CLOSE to my goal weight. I am 4.8lbs away. I am going on vacation in one month, and REALLY want to hit that goal weight before I go. But when I put that in a model:

C Scale says 1X2.8lbs
T I want to hit goal weight before vacation
F Constricted, tight (not ease, it feels controlling and restricting)
A Get more strict with protocol, shorten my eating window, make sure I’m not eating to over +2 on hunger scale, manage more hunger, increase light exercise (walking, it’s nothing extreme), I lose the ease in the process, I feel lots of desire and attachment to the outcome
R I continue to WANT to hit goal before vacaction

So, two things here.
1. I can either do those same actions but find a thought that creates ease, confidence, and determination, OR
2. I can let go of the desire to hit my goal weight before vacation

I asked myself: Why do I want to hit my goal weight before vacation?
Answer: Because I will feel unstoppable and accomplished.

I know I can feel this way now, with thoughts like “I can do ANYTHING” or “I am powerful AF”.

Because using my rational mind, is it realistic to want to lose 4.8 lbs in a month? Well, I believe that it’s POSSIBLE, although it has taken me four months to lose 13.2lbs soooo I don’t know about 4.8lbs in a month.

Or, maybe I work with the feeling of having unmet desire, just in the same way I deal with hunger or urges? There is no problem with unfulfilled desire. It’s just a feeling. I think this might be the way, actually. Noticing that I really don’t like the feeling of unmet desire.

Some bridge thoughts:
– I have an unmet desire to hit goal weight before vacation, and that’s okay
– There is nothing wrong with the feeling of unmet desire, it is just a vibration in my body – there is no problem here.
– What does unmet desire actually feel like in my body? It feels like a gap, a longing (I hate the longing feeling), a wanting, a craving
– I am 100% confident that I can allow the full feeling of unmet desire in my body, it feels like a minor key on a piano
– I can allow the feeling of desire to be here for however long it wants to stay
– I am becoming a person who allows all of my emotions

I think I can practice a ladder like this, and I can ALSO, separately, decide if something needs to change with protocol. Right now, I think that it would be in my best interest to keep protocol the same, but pay closer attention to when I’m feeling full and stop eating at +2 on hunger scale. It’s a small tweak, cause mostly I am doing this, but there are a few times I keep eating just because I like the food and it’s planned. But, that’s not really a problem, it’s just a decision that I can make.

Open to any suggestions on where to take this!