I want to give up on coaching and get a job


I have quit my full time job in June. Since then until a couple of months ago, I spun in confusion about the niche. Finally got the niche down and have been consistently working on showing up, posting, etc… I have one client that signed up with me before this niche and have had 0 consults since August. I am considering going back to my “real” job and feel as if this is my buffer in that I know I can find a job easily and not have to feel frustrated and disappointed with coaching. I have many thoughts in my models, but here is one:

C – 0 Consults
T – I am wasting my time with this coaching thing
F – Deflated
A – Post consistently but without any enthusiasm or joy around it. Come up with all kinds of things to do (webinar, free training, free coaching) and then not following through. Make weak offers to help.
R – 0 Consults

Thank you.