I want to leave my hairdresser

Here’s the circumstances: I’ve been with the same hairdresser for 5 or 6 years. My hair grows so fast that he does my hair every 3 weeks (instead of 6) for half price.

Since I’ve started with him, he’s gone from running a busy salon to renting a chair in a small salon.
My hair has changed over the last couple of years couple of years as I had a baby and breastfed her.

My thoughts:
Because I’ve been with him for so long, I don’t feel as if I can just leave. I feel as if I owe him.
I haven’t really been happy with my hair for a year but my hair has become soo much drier than it would be normally so I’ve figured that has something to do with it – not his fault.
I also haven’t had a direct conversation with him telling him that I haven’t liked my hair – I think that I “should” do that.

I could go on about all the thoughts I have, but it all seems to boil down to the fact that I don’t feel as if I’m entitled or ‘allowed’ to just decide to leave and get a new hairdresser.

A. Because we’ve been together for so long.
B. Because he has been giving me a discount.

And also that I might be making the ‘wrong’ decision. Perhaps if I just had a direct conversation with him, things would get better. Or that would at least give him the opportunity to correct things and if it still didn’t work, then I could be justified in leaving.

I’m aware that this isn’t really about the hairdresser, but my beliefs about myself so some help getting some clarity would be great. Thanks!