I want to make my children happy

Hello Coaches,

I want to make my children happy, fulfilled; I want them to love each other, to have friends, to have good grades…
I’m doing the best I can to make all that happen. And I’m exhausting myself.
When things don’t go as planned, I feel totally helpless. I’m afraid not to be a good enough mum.

I did models on this. Could you please review them?

Unitentional model:
C: children
T: I can’t make them happy
F: helpless
A: I ruminate, I judge myself, I’m so much in my head thinking about what I didn’t do right that I’m not really present with my kids, I even judge them for not making enough efforts
R: I can’t make myself happy

Intentional model:
C: children
T: My main job as a mum is to show up as the best version of myself
F: determined
A: I do the homework to manage my brain, I don’t beat myself up for not being able to “fix” everything, I don’t judge my children for doing what children do, I’m more in the present moment when I spend time with my children, I don’t try to be perfect but authentic
R: I show up as a better version of myself

Are these models correct?
Thank you for your help