I Want To Quit Again!

Hi! I have been trying to build various online businesses, hoping to get some passive income (did not earn much, around 100$ total):
– Dropshipping (2 different stores)
– Writing books
– An online course on Udemy
Now I am coaching. I have one paying customer. I discovered that even though I know how to coach and my client is happy with my services (and I know I could help more people), I feel like giving up. I dread having to work at night. I have fun during the coaching though. So I am thinking of shutting the business down. I had been making offers and I am not following up since I am not sure I want to pursue this business.
I am thinking of new online courses to create, but I am afraid I will get bored again! I just like the setup part and then when I have to sell I get bored and move on.
Your thoughts on this situation?