I want to weigh 130 lbs

Since I’ve set my goal to weighing 130 lbs I seem to be getting further away from this…In the beginning it seemed effortless – using the urge jar and not having many urges…But lately I keep overeating – thus thinking its too hard to get there now…and believing less its possible…more thoughts of “just forget it, it’s not gonna happen” “it’s only 10ish lbs anyway…”
C: weigh 142 lbs
T: you’re never gonna weigh 130 since you keep giving in to urges
F: stuck
A: overeat, justify poor food choices (bad mood, weather, etc) think “what’s the point’
R: don’t weigh 130
C: weigh 142 lbs
T: I want to prove to myself I can weigh 130
F: determined
A: make food protocol, weigh daily, allow urges
R; weigh 130

I don’t think my IM is strong enough though…need something better