I was sad 2

I have been getting to know my depression / sadness a bit more. Usually the thought is “this is all pointless” but the resisting thought is “my brain is betraying me. How dare it suggest terrible thought like that!”

Can I create a model like this?
Is the C facty enough? I know it is a thought, but I have written the thought it is pointless multiple times in my journal.
And I know the T is very long, not just like a phrase.

C my brain is thinking this is pointless creating a feeling of depression
T my brain is betraying me
F angry
A disgusted at brain, resist the feeling, not being in the present.
R I am not being kind to myself. I am betraying myself

C my brain is thinking this is pointless creating depression
T my brain is scared. I love everyone and everything so much and not wanting to lose them thus creating a thought of don’t get too close to anything, don’t enjoy anything, in some ways thinking this is pointless is losing them without even starting to enjoy or love them
F caring
A allowing the feeling of depression
R i am loving myself