I Will Say Yes

I know understand the model and the effect of our thoughts in life. I worked in a lab for 12 years, decided that it was time to move on and opportunity lab related came up and I just jumped right in but I only lasted 2 months, I could not handle the amount of info thrown at me. I felt overwhelmed, verbal training was given to me almost the whole time I was there, When It was time for hands on, I was nervous and I felt unskillful and why know stupid. I left because I was not able to sleep well and so many other things that I could never imagine could have happened to me. Now I know I did a horrible job managing my mind but the past is the past and I am ready for the present. I have now an interview lab related and I do not if it is my insecurities or perhaps I do not want to work in labs anymore that are making me think if this is the way to go again. I need the money, I have a different mind set. I have to go for it. Thank you