I wish time stopped

I’ve been having the thought that I’d like to stop the time to plan and prioritize things in my life. Especially when I think I’m behind in my job and my personal goals. But when I finish my working day, I do not use the time to plan and decide as I wanted.  Instead, I’m thinking I should use this time to work on stuff I’m behind and catch up.
This gives me extreme anxiety as I feel I’m in a hurry to get everything under control. So I start endless pivoting, I do not take action, or I just sit and eat a lot and binge watch series on Netflix. This creates the opposite result of what I want, which is to catch up and have a sense of achievement.

Circumstance: I’m working
Thought: I’d like to stop working now and plan to have a better execution
Feeling: Anxiety (Coming from scarcity, lack of time, etc)
Action: Binge watch series, eat, pivot, stay in indecision
Result: I delay my projects, get behind in my job, accumulate tasks, etc.

Circumstance: I’m in my free time
Thought: I should go to a coffee, and focus on working on the tasks that are behind
Feeling: Anxiety, again coming from lack of time thinking and fear
Action: Binge watch series, don’t do what I want to, stay in indecision, pivot.
Result: I delay projects, stay behind, etc.