I won!

Not a question, just a fun story!

There was a “giant” decision weighing on my mind. While frozen in indecision, I was miserable. I decided to buck up and just decide. I thought I had committed and I thought I liked my reasons, but something was still eating at me. It still didn’t feel right. For 2+ weeks, I had miserable headaches and had an anxious pit in my stomach (I actually wrote in Ask A Coach about these physical symptoms). I coached myself through it and thought so incredibly hard about what didn’t feel right. I used The Model and other skills to realize I had made the decision based on fear. I made the decision because I was in a hurry. I was putting pressure on myself. The decision I thought I wanted was the quick fix to resolving a totally separate issue I’ve been having. In no way was it aligned with my long term goals. I talked to my future self, and she didn’t agree with the decision at all.

As soon as I realized all of this, my shoulders dropped. My headache that has been plaguing me for two weeks started to dissolve. I felt extremely free!

Thank you <3