I’d like help with a model about my Nearly 17 yo teenage daughter. I just found weed in her room.

C – Daughter Misbehaves
T – She’s screwing up her life
F – I’m responsible for her and feel sad
A – Cry, yell at her, leave the house
R – Nothing changes

Model 2 Same C

T – Nothing has gone wrong or it’s normal for teens to misbehave
F – Responsible to her to keep her safe
A – Set boundaries. Drive to and from school only
R – Confidence

Model 3 Same C

T – She’s disrespectful
F – Angry
A – Yell, cry, leave, buffer, ignore her
R – Strained relationship

Model 4 Same C

T – She doesn’t care. That’s why she keeps doing it
F – Resentful
A – Punish and take away vs. trying to see things from her perspective
R – I spiral w/ worry and anxiousness

*I want her to be different. I’m making her behavior more powerful than my thoughts somehow. I want to feel confident and hopeful but also feel like she needs to obey so I feel better. Ugh!