I’d love to make more money, but not sure if it’s right.

I want to make more money, and sometimes I have thoughts about the morality of having more money.

This came up recently when I was thinking of I-Thou relationships with other people (not taught here, saw this concept elsewhere). It’s related to the concept of everyone being worthy just as they are.

I noticed I was thinking the following thoughts in response to the subject:

– If I’m being in an it-thou relationship with people, I shouldn’t want to make more money
– I shouldn’t want to make more money, it’s not humble, it’s not moral, it’s greedy
– If we’re all wonderful beings, I don’t deserve to have more money
– I should be happy with what I’ve got
– I shouldn’t ask for more
– If we’re all equal, it’s immoral for me to make more money than another

Would love your help with untangling this line of thinking.