I’d rather do mindless stuff than work

Some days I have a lot of work to do but I would rather watch a few YouTube videos, do my SCS homework, and basically anything but the work itself. At first, I thought it was the work I was doing. I tell myself it’s boring. It can wait. I’ve got to figure stuff out before I start. I’m not feeling it. There are times, I know I need to get going but I would rather do other mindless stuff then start the work. And now I’m starting to think it’s not the work, it’s ME! Surprise! Is this a form of buffering? Is this impacted by my thoughts about the work? Both? Of course, I’m not like this all the time. Some days I’m supercharged, productive and 98% of the time I meet my deadlines but it’s usually rushed and stressful because of this procrastination. How do I break this cycle? What model will help me?