Ideal Client Problem or Mindset Problem or Both

I joined your program yesterday and I’m so happy to be here, thank you for all the work you do!

I’m a 23 year old online self-love coach for introverted, empathetic women who struggle with anxiety. My ideal client has been 21 year old women in college struggling to love, accept and approve of herself. My 3 month 1:1 coaching program currently costs $675 (will increase soon!) but I have a lot of money resistance from my prospects. I’ve been in business for 7 months now and haven’t had a client yet (I went through 2 business coaches and a life coach). I’ve invested about $5,000 in coaching and books.

I think there could be two issues and want to know your thoughts:

(1) I know my offering is amazing because I have so much engagement now that I’m creating content and my messaging seems good, I’m very authentic and share lots of stories and advice. I have about 120 people in my Facebook group and 45 people on my email list. People sign up to my freebies very quickly. I think the issue might be the ideal client, because they don’t have much money. I have these girls that want help but say they’re in college and can’t work. So I think I might need to change my ideal client to 25 year old women instead who’ve been working full time for a little bit now.

Also, I think I need to focus on people who’ve gone through a painful experience within the last 6 months or currently are. For example, they’re struggling with a “controlling” spouse, colleague, friend or family member and feel powerless. This was the reason I hired my life coach (4 months after I started clearing my head after a controlling parent). I have a prospect who’s in a relationship with a “controlling” partner who’s put down a deposit. I think I’ve been a bit vague with my messaging in that it’s just “anxiety for introverts who want to love themselves”. Do you think this is a logical move? That I’m not completely changing everything but tweaking my ideal client and message? Or should I work on my sales skills with these young people and help them realize money is in abundance?

(2) I’ve struggled a lot with my confidence, not believing in myself, my social anxiety to do live videos, sales calls and free coaching calls. I finally got to a place where I can do them, but it was tough!! ( which is normal 🙂 ) So I’m trying to work on my mindset now as well.

I’ve spent 2 hours today going through my thoughts and working through the sheets and I’m feeling much better. I think I need to focus on courage instead of confidence as you said. I REALLY struggle with the fear my mind will go blank and I won’t know what to say, I just wish I had the evidence already that I can help people. But knowing I can use your model (+ attribute it to you as you mentioned once) plus also my own experience with my life coach / research has helped. I felt like I needed a step by step guide or model and couldn’t find one anywhere until I heard about you!

Is the below worksheet correct to help me work on this mindset issue?

C Someone asks me a question about their life and an answer doesn’t pop up in my head straight away
T I don’t know how to answer this, I don’t know the perfect thing to say, my mind is completely blank, this is hard, I need to know what someone else would do because I don’t know enough
F Disoriented, distressed
A research what someone else would say and spend hours researching then respond
R: using someone else’s knowledge instead of my own proving I don’t know enough

C same or thought pops up about what will happen in the future when I’m coaching paid clients
T I do not need to have the perfect answer, there are no perfect responses, I will do the best I can which is all I can ever do, I have a lot of value to give, there’s no one response I could give to solve someone’s problem instantly and forever as it’s a journey, I’m not responsible for their results, it’s about what they put in, I am a guide
F peaceful, reflective
A read the question again, or reflect back what they said, bring out the model and fill it in or reflect on my own life or ask a question that dives deeper or uncovers a belief
R I believe I know enough, I give my own personal value, connection with prospect or client

Anytime this thought comes up, so I simply do another worksheet?

Also, do you think this is an ideal client or a mindset problem or both?

Thank you so much, I appreciate you 🙂