‘Ideal Life’ Models

This is the result of this morning’s thought download and models, and I’d love to know what you think!

Thought Download

I am *loving* lockdown, even though I miss swimming three times a week.

Ideally I’d like to work a maximum of four hours a day.

I want to press pause, step back and plan my life (personal and work) so that it all works in the way I want it to from now on, instead of just busily carrying on in the way I always have.

I want to use the time until September to get everything sorted, calmly, so that from Sept onwards I can start living my ideal life.

First Intentional Model

C: Life/work
T: From September, I am going to make sure to live my ideal life (having first planned it and prepared for it).
F: Doubtful
A: Suspect that I might not be ready to do this by Sept because this feels like more of my usual ‘fantasy future thinking’ about how everything’s going to be so much easier and better from X future date because of some future action I’m going to take.
R: I assume that what I’m doing right now isn’t, and cannot be, living my ideal life.


R: I’m not living my ideal life right now.

Second Intentional Model

C: Life/work
T: I want to, and can, start living my ideal life right now.
F: Thrilled
A: Immediately start eating on protocol, exercising, working in the way I like to, having the fun I want to have, implementing perfect work/life balance.
R: I’m living my ideal life right now and I’m excited because if I can do it now, I know I can do it until September and beyond.