Ideas at my job

What if in a work situation someone else takes credit for my ideas and I choose to feel upset about it because it may affect my job or chance of moving up in the company. I think this person is seen as more important in the company, definitely gets paid more than I do, and so I want to offer the ideas I have but when someone else takes the credit and everyone thinks they came up with a great idea I think thoughts that make me frustrated about it. Maybe I want to be frustrated. But also, I want to get some ideas on what I could think or how I could look at this when in reality it could very well affect my value at my job and my chance to move up in the company. I try to think, well my value will be noticed in other ways, but I really would like credit for my ideas. Sometimes it is something I mention to my supervisor and then he presents the idea as his own to the boss. C-Supervisor says words to boss: “I had this idea we could …” T-that was my idea, he should give me the credit F-frustrated A-stew about it R-frustrated at my job C-same T-if I don’t get my ideas recognized I may not move up in the company F-annoyed/afraid A-let people bother me R-don’t like my job, don’t feel valued … It seems really true that it’s important that my ideas get recognized. What if I lost my job or didn’t get a promotion because of it? I don’t want to think, it’s ok where I’m at and that sometimes others present my ideas as theirs and that’s ok … that doesn’t feel right. Trying to see where to land with this. Thanks for the help!