Ideas for better thoughts around weight gain?

This past week I followed my protocol with precision every single day, except one night in which I decided I could eat whatever I wanted and I overeat. I weighed myself this morning and I gained almost a pound. I know it’s not significant weight gain but I’m trying to lose the last 10 lbs. and I’m feeling disappointed. Here are my models… but I’m having a hard time finding better thoughts. pls. help

C: I gained almost a pound
T: I shouldn’t have gained weight. This is so hard. My body is not forgiving of anything outside my protocol. I have to be so precise, can’t make mistakes.
F: Angry, frustrated, disappointed, sad
A: Write down my model, try to find a better thought but I can’t. Self beat-up
R: Feel sad and not have the relationship I want with weightloss

New Model
C: I gained almost a pound
F: Calm, neutral, encouraged to continue
A: Continue with my day. spend very little time thinking about my weight.
R: Continue protocol and continue enjoying life.