Identifying Elements of the Model

This morning I was standing in front of an open fridge, eating whipped cream straight out of the aerosol can. I thought, “this is sad.”
Then I left immediately to go do the model, and got curious…was that a legitimate “thought” or was that “feeling”?
The whole incident seemed “instant” and it was almost like the thought “this is sad” automatically made me think I was sad, though when I sat down, I didn’t feel sad, I felt lonely and somewhat scared. I was curious what happened, and becoming clearer (or was I?) I would say, it was like another person had looked at the scene, and made the statement: “this is sad (aka, pathetic)” .
I am attempting to master the model; did I correctly identify? It was very confusing but interesting to have the thought and the feeling so close together
C – I am eating whipped cream straight from the can in front of an open fridge (or is that an action? or a result?)
T – “This (my standing here eating whipped cream) is sad.” (or is that a feeling?)
F – at first, I said “I just heard me say, this is sad, so I must be feeling sad and I am trying to comfort myself”, but working through the model, I didn’t feel sad, the feeling was more like lonely, scared…and then curious and interested in what just happened.
A – to stop eating from the fridge and apply the model
R – asking this question to you, read more materials, wrote an offer for a discounted assessment, tried to identify good prospects for that offer

Thank you for your input!