Identifying thoughts and living to fullest potential

I have been able to uncover some new thoughts during the exercises this month. But there are some deeper ones that I’m having trouble identifying. For instance, I have spent the past several years developing an art skill. I believe that I am good at it, but why do I experience such tremendous resistance when I sit down to create each piece? I could practice all day long but the trouble comes when I’m about to create something. (I recently read the book Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield and it was very good but I recognize I need to be changing some thoughts!)

I believe it may have to do with thinking something like ‘I am not sure how it should turn out.’ I know with my head that I won’t know until I begin and allow the piece to develop. I have completed pieces that are good enough to me so I know it is possible. Will you please teach me more about how to dig a little deeper to put my finger on thoughts that are not as clear and about how to understand what is really going on here so that I can be living to my fullest potential? And how to enjoy the process?!

An attempted UM could look something like this:
C- creating art
F- apathetic
A- none
R- no productivity

Thanks in advance for your response.