Identity and 4/26 live call

After watching today’s live call, I can see that I have been trying to commit from the action line. I had asked to be coached on my weight loss goal, work, and a style business. I wanted to get coached essentially from the action line and how I can accomplish integrating all three of those into my schedule with weight loss being a priority.

But after watching the coaching I can see that my relationship with myself really is the main thing. And that’s what it’s all come down to over and over again. I struggle with overeating because my relationship with myself is out of alighnment. No amount of having the perfect plan and executing my to do list every day is going to change that.

But when I do models with “relationship with myself” in the circumstance line, the thoughts are so awful. I can see why I’ve been trying to change the circumstance without wanting to acknowledge thst to myself and be honest with myself about it. I want to control the T line but not really acknowledging what I’m truly thinking and feeling.

I can also see how I’ve gotten the cycle of binge then strict protocol adherence for 3 weeks to be followed by another binge.

My brain likes to think in Practical and logical next steps. I guess my question is what’s the next practical logical step to develop a better relationship with myself?

Thank you in advance