Identity & Models On Self

I really resonated with the woman you coached who said she had so many thoughts she was overwhelmed. I could see it in her eyes, exactly how I have thought, felt, and reacted in my own life. You explained to her that she was having complex emotional feelings and needed to do models on her relationship with herself. Yes. That is so me: identity threats. I wanted to get some help on how to start doing models on myself? If C: Relationship with myself, I honestly don’t know what T: is? I would want it to be T: I am going to take care of myself. But, that’s just the beginning of one model. You’re right, I’ve been doing nearly all of my models in the past few months as external to me. I found success in doing models when I was frustrated, or unusually angry to follow the behavior back to a thought. I was having a lot of thoughts about external things: people, work situations, thing I have to do in my life. My take away is that I need to shift back into observer mode to look at my thoughts in the context of relationship with myself. How am I thinking about that during different situations? And write down those thought downloads. I’m not sure I fully see those thoughts at this moment in time. Can you please give me some examples of models to do to think about my relationship with myself?