Identity vs. Goals

I’ve been doing some work on my identity (who I really am) and now I’m shifting toward developing my future identity that I can live into in order to make some large changes and transformations in my life. However, I’m unclear about the difference between “identity” and “goals” at this stage. Brooke talks about how identity does not hinge on anything external. So in developing my future identity (in order to make my first $1M), I don’t understand how to create that identity without attaching it to the goal of making the money.

In my current version of myself, I’ve crossed the 6-figure line but in order to develop my million dollar identity and step into that, how do I do that without the goal of actually making the money?

Since the future version of myself is not supposed to be attached to anything external, I’m unclear about how to envision my future self as a million dollar earner if the identity is not supposed to hinge on external things.