IF and eating

Hi Brooke,

I tried IF today in that I ate from 11:30 am-7:30 pm and nothing until 11:30’am again tomorrow. I admit I didn’t eat healthy but when calculating my calories today, I ate under 1200.

11:30-Apple medium
2pm- veg sandwich from Starbucks
3-chocolate bar
5-black tea no sugar or milk
7pm- 1 cup of frozen corn, 1 cup of frozen peas with 1 tbsp butter and salt dash

So I already know I didn’t eat good, I ate without any planning today and feeling very lazy to cook. Now I’m just wondering..

1) is it considered IF based on fasting for a long period of time, regardless if I snack and have meals during that time?

2) I know my dinner lacked protein and was not filling enough. However I usually eat small amounts so eating more than what I ate would make me feel uncomfortably full and I know I want to avoid overeating as well.
So would having a small dinner that lacks protein be okay or make me gain weight accidentally?

3) when my stomach rumbles and I’m fasting… Should I eat? Are those hunger pangs? For example, I used to never eat breakfast and in the last two years I have been eating at about 9 am. So now going a few hours upon waking without food makes my stomach hurt and growl and I’m not sure if I’ll get used to this feeling and it’s normal or if it means I should be eating.

Thank you in advance