If I do not resist it I will choose more of it

“If I do not resist it I will choose more of it” is a thought that I have been applying a lot in different context, when I am choosing to do hard exercising but I am doubting it is the genuine best thing for me, when I am allocating time at work for something that actually does not feel very compelling, when I am dating a woman I am not sure I like, when I am choosing whether to leave my job or not, when I am fasting but I am also doubting it is the right thing for my body.

What is this resistance here for? Should I listen to it or coach myself out of it? The thing is this keeps me trapped, I if I am changing my actions because there is a resistance, I stay where I am, I think “I don’t want to be victim of this resistance”, “freedom means I am able to let go of these resistances”, but clearly part of my brain does not think this. I end up resisting the resistance, thinking it would be ideal if it was not there. I am just feeling stuck and conflicted, and I have been locked in these states for year. Suggestions? Thanks