If I do what Brooke says, I don’t need a coach

I mean, this is SELF-Coaching Scholars, right? And yet, I want the coaching (from others). I value the coaching. I think it’s an awesome addition to all the modules, classes, and workshops. Because they’re so damned good at what they do! But, believing Brooke’s suggestion that I have all my own answers (and as hard as it is to see much of the time, I do believe that), leads me to thinking that I must be doing it wrong or I’m being lazy if I want someone else’s perspective. And so I haven’t booked a session — a FREE session! — in months. I believe it’s smart to learn from others–especially when they’re offering, yet I also agree that learning to figure things out on my own is a skill that could multiply all things I do. But isn’t coming to SCS part of figuring it out? Isn’t devouring self-help books part of figuring it out? Isn’t seeking the advice of others part of figuring it out? Maybe I’m just working this all out here on the computer screen, because I’m not sure I have a specific question. You know, I’ve decided. I want the coaching. I have access to the coaching. A coach can’t do any of my life for me–I’m still responsible for that. Well, I guess I could just cancel this submission, but maybe you have something to add that gives my brain another way of looking at it. Thank you for your time, either way. 🙂