“If I get this done my life is going to rock”. Feedback on my models please.

C My protocol/calendar
T I’m going to miss something important (I’ve forgotten to add something)
F Worried
A Check SCS for response to my coaching question. Don’t trust my list (protocol). Worry I’ve forgotten something. Look for other To-do lists I might have missed when calendaring. Change my protocol. Add small things to it that are easier tasks. Add evidence to the fact I missed something. Worry more and tell myself I was right to think I can’t do this. Eat something. Beat myself up. Look at house/where things need tidying. Do those things instead to feel productive and gain inside/outside approval from that instead.
R I don’t do all the important things on my protocol.

C my protocol/calendar
T If I get this done my life is going to rock!
F Willing
A take a deep breath. Allow any urge. Look at the first thing. Allow another urge. Take action steps on the list. Think of my life “rocking” if I get this done. Come back to focusing on the list. Allow an urge to make/drink more coffee yet. Come back to the list. Take another step.
R I I am working towards getting things done so that my life will “rock”