If you gave me $1M…follow up

Last coach asked “if someone gave me $1M to lose the last 5lbs before vacation, what would my thought me that would create motivation?”

If someone was literally telling me they’d deposit $1M into my account if I lost the last 5lbs before my vacation in a month in a healthy way, I’d think “there’s no way I’m not going to accomplish that”. Basically, I’m absolutely 100% going to achieve that goal.

C Lose last 5lbs before vacation
T There’s no way I’m not going to achieve that goal
F Determined
A Eat to +2 on the hunger scale, manage my feelings of hunger, feel hunger all the way through, take a brisk walk daily, thought work daily, have a few meals that are lighter but still full of nutrients, stick to my same fasting window, no alcohol, tighten up protocol and manage mind/emotions
R I lose the last 5lbs before vacation

My obstacle thoughts are:
I’m going to be hungryyyy wahhhhh
This isn’t healthy (even though it would put me in the middle range of my healthy BMI)
This is dumb

Haha, well, I have already dealt with a lot of those obstacles in losing the first amount of weight, so I can deal with hunger (the main thought is: hunger means I’m doing it RIGHT) and “this isn’t healthy”, I have worked on beliefs to see that maybe this is 100% the healthiest thing for me, and I can believe it. The “this is dumb” thought, I’ll need to work on that one.

C Lose last 5lbs before vacation
T This is dumb
F Flippant, uninterested
A I stick to my current protocol with medium strictness, I don’t challenge myself, I don’t continue my evolvement, I don’t cross the finish line, i don’t blow my own mind, I settle for mediocrity
R I don’t become the best I could be

What I’d LIKE to believe instead is:

If I lost the last 5lbs, I would completely blow my mind (inspired, excited)
If I lost the last 5lbs, I’d prove to myself that I can create the impossible with my mind (hmm, this feels a little scary. Like, what if I don’t? There’s some doubt here)
The person I’m dying to evolve into is on the other side of this 5lbs (inspired, desire)
I wonder what other impossible things I could achieve (excited)
This is the chapter of my story where I cross that finish line, and I’m rooting for myself (motivated)
What if losing this last 5lbs before vacation is completely transformative? (optimistic, hopeful)
I am so much more powerful than my lizard brain (strong)
I wonder how losing this last five pounds can teach me a critical skill I need to create an incredible life (inspired, motivated)
I am 100% committed to taking massive action toward these goals (committed)
I am unstoppable (unstoppable)

Some of these are better than others, but here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Any more suggestions? Thank you!! I’m totally going to do this.