If your impossible goal is literally impossible…

Hi Coaches,
My impossible goal is to make $10,000 from my new side business by Dec 31, 2020 5pm CST.
I am currently on a nonimmigrant visa working in the united states. This visa prohibits any income that is not coming from the employer.
I do not know anyone (personally) that is making money on the side + legally maintaining their visa status.
Based on my research so far, following are some options to make this happen
1. Find a citizen/green card holder who is willing to be the major share holder of the new company. They employ me. But I still cannot draw a salary unless I quit my current job. I do not want to quit my current job unless I have proved I can make $10,000.
– I am not comfortable for a third person to hold major shares on my business.
2. get a green card myself
– through my current employer (which currently takes 10 years)
– invest $1 million in the united states (we do not have this money)
3. move back to my home country.
– I am not willing to move back right now.

Since I am stuck at the beginning of even registering the business, my brain is refusing to come up with 25 fails. My overarching goal is to create my own product, sell, scale and make it my full time income. With the current restrictions, I am not seeing a way for it to happen.

Should I pick a different goal? I am disappointed that I am not seeing a way forward. I really really want to work on my business while employed full time.

P.S: I must also mention that I don’t have a product idea yet, part of this impossible goal is to try out a few and fail.